i eat cannibals

I Eat Cannibals

Gina Abelkop

Fall 2014

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The second collection from poet and Birds of Lace editor Gina Abelkop (Darling Beastlettes, 2012) operates as a meditation on what it means to have and inhabit a body, finding herself both human and un-human while navigating the ether between the physical and spiritual. Intertwined throughout are meditations on temporality, home, and ownership, explored through dance music and a visceral, ever-evolving relationship to the land.

In I Eat Cannibals, the spacey-smart, anxious-bold, seriously funny speaker plays every possible role—zoo animal, redhead, pioneer, corset, priest—opposite women who are crushes, heroines and BFFs. The poems channel like mediums at seances, and they time-travel (though admittedly mostly just to shop), drawing Dickinson and Sharon Tate into a contemporary world of "spiritually iridescent horror" where the dominant mode of being is Complicit. "For what I've done / I'm sorry," Abelkop writes, "I do it / every day." Readers of this work are glad she does.
—Arielle Greenberg, author of My Kafka Century and co-editor of Gurlesque