america, MINE by Sasha Banks (Preorder Now!)

Sky-Quake: Tremor of Heaven by Vicente Huidobro, translated by Ignacio Infante and Michael Leong (Preorder Now!)

Vision of the Children of Evil by Miguel Ángel Bustos, translated by Lucina Schell (2018)

Of Death. Minimal Odes by Hilda Hilst, translated by Laura Cesarco Eglin (2018)

Today by Juan Gelman, translated by Lisa Rose Bradford (2018)

Strike a Prose: Memoirs of a Lit Diva Extraordinaire by Tim Jones-Yelvington (2018)

Ghost Opera by Mercedes Roffé, translated by Judith Filc (2017)

Valdivia by Galo Ghigliotto, translated by Daniel Borzutzky (2016)

tasks by Víctor Rodríguez Núñez, translated by Katherine M. Hedeen (2016)

I Am a Face Sympathizing with Your Grief: Seven Younger Iranian Poets, edited and translated by Alireza Taheri Araghi (2015)

Oxen Rage by Juan Gelman, translated by Lisa Rose Bradford (2015)

Dream Machine by Sade LaNay (2014)

I Eat Cannibals by Gina Abelkop (2014)

Lemonworld & Other Poems by Carina Finn (2013)

Within Mutiny by Holms Troelstrup (2013)